long haired

  1. K

    Hello from Kaylee and Mom in Maryland

    Hello from Maryland! My name is Karen. My baby is Kaylee, a 10-month-old miniature long-hair. She weighs in at 8.5 pounds now, so I doubt she will top out above 10. I've had doxies my whole life, but this is the first female I've ever owned. Also the first true many. I've had others that were...
  2. Pongo

    Longhaired dashchund needs hair help!

    My doxie, Pongo, is a 2 year old, twelve pound, red, long haired dachshund. He has perfect health, but he has short, fuzzy fur. When he was a pup he had the typical short fur on his body and long, wavy fur on his ears. As he has grown his fur on his tail has grown a little so he has a little...