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    Basic Breeding Questions

    Hey everyone! I'm just after a few very basic questions regarding breeding to be answered as it's a bit of a minefield going about this through google. We have our dogs safety and happiness at heart and it's our priority so just a few cab off the rank questions while we consider potentially...
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    Isabella Tan bred with Silver Dapple

    I am considering purchasing a dog from a litter where the mom is a standard size isabella tan and the dad is a mini silver dapple. I know isabella's can have health issues, this mom seems to be healthy. I am curious if anyone has experience with isabella/dapple puppies? Is an isabella not bread...
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    hi everybody , so my 1y/o female mini dapple dachshund was at a male brown dachshunds when she was in heat. But i brought her home about 2 weeks after she came on heat , but the problem is , i have her father who is a L/H mini DAPPLE dachshund ... and a week later i now started noticing het...
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    Hello from Nala and I!

    Hello everybody! Nala, my Border Collie puppy, and I are happy to be here and salute you all lovers of another wonderful breed. We run another website for responsible dog breeders ( and will soon work on an interview with a reputable dachshund breeder, as soon as we...