1. D

    Back surgery aftermath help/support

    For Doxie owners with back surgery experience... My Doxie lost mobility in his rear and within 24 hours he had back surgery. They gave him an 80% chance of recovery. The next day, he lost deep pain. He had it before surgery. So now they are giving him a 50% chance of success. Maybe the...
  2. Cruzer's Mom

    Back Brace

    My 3 year old doxie, Cruzer, was diagnosed 3 days ago with 2 bulging disk. One near his shoulders one near his tail. He is now on meds and crate rest. He wimpers when he gets up from lying down. Has anyone tried using a back brace and with what results? I am just trying to give him as much...
  3. P

    anyone have a doxie with a back problem?

    My dachshund is a 13 year old, long haired mini. Yesterday afternoon she lost movement in one back led and by 8:00 at night she lost total movement in her back legs. We bought her to our emergency vet and he said it is a disc in her back. Also that she has a 25% chance that she will get...