1. Carl Belken

    Hello From Missouri USA

    Hi All, I just found this website a few minutes ago and I just HAD to join! How I came to be a Dachshund owner is as unusual as the breed itself yet at the same time it's so typical Dachshund. I am a 60ish disabled married man who lives in a tiny little village on the Missouri River. A...
  2. D

    I have a big dog! Is it okay to adopt a miniature dachshund?

    Hi everyone! I have a two in a half yr. old German Shepherd well mannered dog that respects our three cats. Would it be safe to adopt a little guy? I'm concerned about the back issue. Does anyone else have these little guys in the mix with a bigger dog? Thanks
  3. sdw1961

    Adopt or Foster to Save a Dachshund

    If you are looking for a new addition to your family, won’t you consider saving a rescued Dachshund? Please visit Furever Dachshund Rescue and view the available Dachshunds. If you’re not looking for a permanent addition to your household, won’t you consider fostering a Dachshund?