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    Late intro

    Hi guys, realised I didn't introduce myself before I jumped into posting last night! You can call me Dolly, I'm 26 from Australia. I have a lot of animals but I recently got a little Dachshund puppy called Kuro who I love dearly after falling in love with my mum's two Dachshunds Loki and Siri...
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    Long haired dachshund ( I think ! )

    Thanks so much for the reply. Unfortunately my puppy didn't come from any registered breeders, he came from mum's friend who put her dachshund with one of HER friend's dachshunds so I dont really have a family line to look back on, just the description of both mother and father. Last night I...
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    Long haired dachshund ( I think ! )

    Hi guys, newbie dachshund owner with a question about their dachshund and about long haired dachshunds in general. I've searched the internet as best I can and I cant seem to get an answer and Ive been curious about it from looking at lots of different dachshund puppies and dogs. My puppy is a...