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Hello. I was looking for information about my new comrade, in order to better understand what kind of communication should be built. Surely this is a dachshund.
From the images I realized that this is an old type of dachshund.
after which he ended up on the forum.
please tell me, did you describe a similar dog?
Sorry - only just seen this. No, your dog is not a pure-bred Dachshund. Possibly a cross between a Dachshund and something like a MinPin.
"Lady"and"Sis"joined our family in September 2017. They will be 6 months old next week. They are litter-sisters, silver dapples minis.
My pregnant girls name is Cali Ultrasound confirmed 2 at 35 days. She is refusing food today and digging periodically in her bed.
Hi,I've been a Doxie owner For 15 years but having first litter any day. I think she is in labour but her vulva does not look swollen.
How do you groom a long hair boy ? do they have any problems of peeing on their long hair ? Is it best to go with girl/girl or boy/girl?
Back problems, because of their body proportions. So, if anyone can please help me. I'd appreciate it so, so much. I'm very concerned. And
Walks, he stumbles. And when he's standing his legs are crossing or almost crossing one another. And I know that these kind of dogs do have
We tried to get him to jump on the sidewalk and it took his a second. Like, his back legs weren't working. I've also noticed that when he
I need help. My dachshund is relatively old, and I've noticed he's been having some walking issues.
Don't know if it helps... Try calling vets in the area. One may be kind and see you for a lower fee. A vet near me helped us when our lab needed to have a lump removed from her neck. He was very kind.
Hello Datdog and welcome to the forum. Would you like to introduce yourself and Datsun in the New Members Introduction section?

If you have any queries I will be only too happy to help.

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Hello ladybug and welcome to the Forum from little Tikki Tikva and myself.

Please introduce yourself in the New Member Introduction section, which is the first one on the Forum.

Any questions or worries you might have I am sure you will get the advice you need. I will help as much as I can.

Tikki [Staff] and Tikva the half Doxie.
Why don’t you look for the right information before you pick any dog training program or any obedience trainer?
I should hope that the majority of dog-savvy owners would check all information regarding training and obedience training programmes.

Is there any reason why you think that people do not do so?

Anyhow, why not join the Forum and introduce your self in the New Members Introduction section?

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