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this is my first time posting, and I just wanted to introduce everyone to my new puppy. She is a 9 week old black & brindle miniature dachshund, I've had her for almost a week and she is such a joy to have around. She's doing great with house training and socialization, but she's having a bit of a hard time with crate training and biting. We are trying to teach her bite inhibition so any advice in that regard is greatly appreciated.



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Please to meet you guys :) she's really pretty. I don't know much about training for no biting. I always adopt older dogs. I'm sure someone on here has some good advice tho :)
You can try to re-direct her onto a toy when she bites. You can also give a high pitched scream then ignore her for a few seconds then present a more appropriate chew toy. Also finding another older dog which will teach her appropriate mouth behavior will help, be prepared for her to get told off by the other dog for biting.
Welcome! She is absolutely adorable!!!

I always found the absolute best method for teaching bite inhibition is the tree/ignoring method.

The second you feel teeth, stand up, cross your arms and stand perfectly still , even if they keep biting at your pant legs. I find that completely ignoring them (dont even look at them) EVERY time, really does work best. Puppies want to bite 'cuz it's fun... it's not fun if you ignore them!
Welcome from Sweden.

I think patience is your best chans now. Just stick to training and dont give up. Be positive and happy every time she does well and just ignore unwanted behaviours. Bitingtraining is hard. Our dog allredy had that from home as he was 7 months when we got him, so I dont have any advice on that :)
Beautiful pup! Her name is Zephyr Mabelle? My little dapple boy is named Arelus Zephyr :)

The bite inhibition - Deaf Dogs has it right on the money. I found that worked really well with my boy when he was younger (he's 6 months old now). It really hurt his feelings that I would ignore him when he bit me (cause he's such a Momma's boy) He still does have this little quirk that when he kisses me, he will sometimes try a little nibble, which will get him ignored in a hurry.

Welcome to the forum!

So we've been dutifully trying to ignore her everything time she bites, sometimes it seems to get her attention, other times she either tears at our pant legs, or gets distracted and goes onto something else. In addition, I'm not sure what has changed in the last 24 hrs but she has gone from barking for maybe 10-15 minutes to settle down in her crate to 30 minutes to an hour. This behavior is driving us crazy, as we live in an apartment and are concerned about our neighbors. At first we used to tell her "quiet" if her barking got out of hand but I read that your must just ignore until they settle down, well now she has taken to barking her head off every time she goes in the crate. For being so cute and cuddly she is really frustrating, we are even looking into bringing in a trainer to assist us. (She starts puppy classes in Feb, so we were hoping we could manage her until then...) (moving this information over to puppy thread)
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