Zephyr - barking/anxiety


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So we've been dutifully trying to ignore her everything time she bites, sometimes it seems to get her attention, other times she either tears at our pant legs, or gets distracted and goes onto something else. In addition, I'm not sure what has changed in the last 24 hrs but she has gone from barking for maybe 10-15 minutes to settle down in her crate to 30 minutes to an hour. This behavior is driving us crazy, as we live in an apartment and are concerned about our neighbors. At first we used to tell her "quiet" if her barking got out of hand but I read that your must just ignore until they settle down, well now she has taken to barking her head off every time she goes in the crate. For being so cute and cuddly she is really frustrating, we are even looking into bringing in a trainer to assist us. (She starts puppy classes in Feb, so we were hoping we could manage her until then...)

Update: I spoke to a trainer today and she gave me some basic rules like: don't acknowledge her until she is quiet, don't acknowledge her when first coming in the door, using kongs to occupy her, use a variety of kong stuffings to keep her interested, turn on a radio and leave it on static.

However, I also did some research on my own and found anxiety wrap products that are used to calm anxiety and barking (same concept as swaddling a baby). So far Zephyr has quieted down quite a bit and we are enjoying our relaxing evening, enthusiastically recommended. :)
Spekkle was really bad when we first got her about going in the crate, I was her 3rd owner in 3months, and I don't think she had ever been set down... But I would put her crate a few feet from the t.v, add several blankets so she could make her bed... And the longs work great!!! She still has anxiety with it, but will go in and doesn't bark when put in... But when we get home we immediately let her out even if she is barking.. and then ignore her til she stops.. which happens within seconds.. it has become much easier...
It's good to hear I'm not the only ones with this problem. It's hard dealing with while it's happening because at the time all I want is for her to be quiet, but the best way to teach her to be quiet in the long run is to do nothing when she barks. As I've discovered dog training can be really frustrating because you don't know at first if what you are doing is flat out wrong, or if it just hasn't taken effect yet. I cannot wait until she grows out of the barking stage.
I had that problem too with Arelus when I first started crate training.(my other 2 dogs crated without any problems) It was after talking with one of the trainers I work with that I started giving him special toys that he would only get when he went into his crate. By special toys, I mean something like a puzzle toy or a Kong (btw, Kongs are great!) - something that would keep him busy so that he wouldn't even notice that the door to the crate was closed. She also suggested taking a blanket, sleeping with it for a night or two so that your scent is on it and then either covering part of the crate with it (makes the crate seem more den-like) or leaving it in the crate for them to sleep on. I tried that too and found that Ree likes the idea of me covering his crate with the blanket - even at night now- he settles down quickly and is asleep usually before I am, lol. With using the blanket though, you have to make sure that there is a space where a little bit of light and some airflow get into the crate. I leave one side lifted on the side of the crate that doesn't face the door of my room.

You are right, crate training - training in general can be frustrating for both you and your baby. The main thing to remember is to never do any training of any kind when you are frustrated or upset. She'll sense that and be confused as to what you are asking her because your voice will say one thing, but your body and your energy will say another. It's a long road ahead, but stay positive!!!
So far consistency seems to be working. We cover the crate with a blanket, she gets a stuffed kong whenever she goes in the crate, all barking is ignored, we put a radio on static for her during the day/a fan at night, at high energy/high anxiety times she wears her anxiety wrap(thundershirt), a blanket has been draped over her surrounding pen so she can't see out. I *think* that's it.

She had a good night last night, and today was better than yesterday. I know she is little, and I shouldn't expect too much of her but it would be really good if I could also get her to be quiet and settle down in her pen (which contains her crate and bathroom area) so that I am able to leave the house for longer than 3 hours at a time (I am currently in college, and 2 days a week I have to leave the house for 4-5hrs)

Any advice is appreciated!
You have never heard anything, until you've heard a deaf doxie scream "I'M ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mouse is very good at that! Horribly high pitched, and at the top of her lungs.

The only way I could solve it was to make sure she is never alone (my other dogs work in a pinch) She needs contact with living things to feel comfortable.... otherwise the screaming commences!
I can imagine! I was reading some previous posts where you were talking about the way in which deaf dogs bark.

My biggest issue is that I live in an apartment building. Of all the things I thought might be issues I hadn't even thought of barking as possibly being a problem... and was I ever wrong. From what I understand she is going through a normal puppy phase, and hopefully she gets to the other side before the neighbors lose their patience. I have however informed them all in writing that I am in the process of doing my very best at teaching her to be quiet and not to bark.

Sometimes though it feels like one step forward, and two steps back.