Would a professional dog trainer help?

I need to address these new behaviors: chasing, barking, growling at joggers, bikes, walkers and big dogs. Children and the disabled really get him going, I am sorry to say.

This happens off-leash and on, during walks and close to home (his territory). To be clear, he is always on a leash away from home on walks. At home it would be nice if he could hang around us on our safe dead-end street while we are out front gardening or whatever. But today he chased his first car.

He has never actually touched anyone and backs away if they approach. I'll have to get a chain to restrain him while we work because he chews through a leash.

I saw a water spray bottle at a dog park once, for emergencies. Should I spray him when he reacts? Trying the quiet command and treats have not worked.

Thanks for any ideas. We have been very regular about taking him places and socializing him to people and other dogs.


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I would get a trainer to help you. Sounds like reactivity. Spraying or physically agitating a dog in an amped up state will only increase their reactivity. Never correct a dog that is in focus on something else, simply try to redirect their attention. I would contact a trainer in your area and discuss working on redirecting reactivity. Find a trainer that likes and uses positive reinforcement. If they start talking "dominance" and "leader of the pack" kind of crap, run far far away. Corrections and aversives are not a good approach to training a reactive dog. Especially not a Doxie. Good luck!


Hi, Natural Curl~ I'm new to doxies. Can you tell me how old your dog is and how long you've had him?
I'm new too and get tense when everything is not perfect. Usually things work out with just my inexpert efforts and common sense and growing maturity of the dog.

Milo is almost 18 months. He originally was with someone who could not really care for him but did not abuse or anything like that. We got him when he was 7 months, skinny and fighting a huge hairball. He has a better life now.


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Like Pretty Penny said, you need to find a trainer that uses +P. No adversives at all, no leash pops, spray bottles, or dominance crap. They are sometimes hard to find, so if you would like. Check out the book "Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog" by Emma Parsons. It's a great book about dealing with aggression and reactivity using a clicker.


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I thought about suggesting click to calm and I very much so second that suggestion. It's a miraculous book and the technique works wonders. I've used it on my own reactive Rhodesian Ridgeback. Awesome stuff!
Thanks, I will check out the book. I have heard good things about the clicker in general.
I'm just surprised that he adds these new behaviors, like car chasing. About the same time he caught a mole which delighted the gardener in the family, but maybe the chase and kill amped him up.


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I need to address these new behaviors: chasing, barking, growling at joggers, bikes, walkers and big dogs. Children and the disabled really get him going, I am sorry to say.
This is one of the issues I had with Reg and a trainer has helped tremendously! I use the "leave it" command for all of the above, and he listens to me :)

I watched a lot of "It's Me or the Dog", I love the positive reinforcement training method. I thought oh yeah, I can do this. And I did make some progress on my own but quickly recognized I needed help in reaching my end goal. Investing in Reggie's training has paid off in a lot of ways and he enjoys his classes. We just graduated basic and begin intermediate this Thursday. So if your means allows you to do training classes, I would highly recommend them.