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One of the things our trainer taught us was to do a massage on our dogs, it gets them used to being touched and also allows for us to check for any lumps, etc. Friday night Reg starting whining, which is out of character for him. As we were settling down for the night I did his massage and found two lumps in his chest area. I took him to the vet yesterday and they did a biopsy but I won't have the results for a couple of days. Last night I found another lump in his tummy area. They do not seem to be attached to anything, but I can't help becoming more anxious about this. I keep praying that God won't take my baby from me. He seems fine, he's eating we'll, using the potty and playing with his toys. I keep telling myself theses are all positive signs. Right?
A few years ago we had the same scare with our Heinz, they removed the lump but all ok, it was a fatty lump. Stay positive, I know it's hard our dogs are just like our babies. We love them so much and don't want to see them hurt or sick.
Sending prayers and positive thoughts...chances are it really is nothing to be worried about. PLEASE keep us posted..
Thank you all for the prayers, positive thoughts and words of encouragement, Reg and I truly appreciate them. I promise I will let you all know the results of the biopsy. Reggie was his cheerful, happy little self this morning so I'm trying to do the same :)
Mommie is relieved now! I just spoke with the Vet and he said the biopsy came back and Reggie has an inflamatory illness, he is on antibiotics for the next two weeks :D