White hair!?


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Hi everybody!!! Just a quick question! My puppy is 7/8 months old and she started to griw white hairs on her eyebrows and a couple more in her body is that normal? I thought only old dogs get white hairs...:/


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I think it's normal.. We had black terriers at home when I was a kid and they had white hairs sometimes. I used to pick them off... :D
Also if they got scarred they might grow white hair instead of black.
Ha! I got MY first white hairs before I was 20! Young animals & young people can collect a few white hairs before their time.


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It does happen. Arelus has a few white hairs mixed into the black parts of his dappling...then he has white hairs where he got into a scrap with the cat and ended up scratched.
My boy (year and a half) grew a white tipped tail not too long ago:rolleyes: it's normal
We volunteered to help do repairs on an old church a couple of years ago. Both of our dachshunds ended up with white-tipped tails ... and ears ... and paws.

Did I mention that we helped paint the church white?