What has your Doxie destroyed?


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I thought it'd be fun to get a conversation going about our little "monster's" quirks? Specifically their funny, destructive behavior.

I know they are little diggers, and knowing that, I still left my girl loose in the bedroom... oops.

About 4 months ago, I came home from work, took the dogs out, came back in and sat down to the computer.... when I noticed Mouse had a peice of foam in her mouth.... Well I finally turned on lights (Mouse has issues adjusting to lights so I spend alot of time walking around in the dark, cuz I dont want to cause her pain and/or stress) I followed the foam trail into the bedroom and found a small hole in the sheet.... I ripped off the sheet, and there I found a 2 ft wide, 3 inch deep hole in my mattress! :eek::eek::eek:

She ran to the hole, sat in the middle of it, ripped of another peice of foam off and sat there sooooo proud of herself! I was horrified, but what'd you do??? I was the idiot who let her free in my bedroom, it's not her fault she's looking for an outlet for her digging instinct. But I know know better, and leave my pups loose in the living room instead of the bedroom. I also now leave lots of blankets on top of the furniture, so if she feels the need to dig, she'll play in the blankets instead. it's worked well dor us so far, and Mouse has not destroyed anything of mine since.

Mouse also has a need to de-stuff everything.... funny little monster. I buy cheap stuffies for her to wreck fairly regularly, but after she's done her makeover to the toys, she thinks they're awesome playtoys! the quirky thing about this tho, is if I buy a stuffingless stuffy toy, she wants nothing to do with it! Silly girl.

Mouse is one of the strangest little dogs I've ever had, and her quirks are so much fun, even when she costs me $300 for a new mattress! Gotta love'em:D
Well let's see....Samson chewed up several pairs of my shoes in the beginning, WHILE I WAS AT HOME lol...several towels have been shredded, and of course every toy he owns that has some sort of face on it has been de-faced and yes de-stuff things as well...there was one time he got a hold of a brand new box of tampax tampons and tore them all up - it was actually quite funny. And recently he has decided to pull up the carpet in our office in our brand new home!

The things he tears up the most are his toys and we are okay with that for the most part but the carpet...ahem reality check for him!!!
Henry has 'killed' a Victoria Secrets Bra, 2 hours after getting it! And a pair of shoes. Oscar chewed a huge hole in the arm of one of our big comfy expensive chairs, chewed the corner off of the entertainment center, two pairs of Nikes, three pairs of sandals, a window ledge, my pillow and pillowcase, fingernail files, remote control, cell phone, bamboo window blind, and a pair of jeans. This is all included with their toys and their own pillows. none of their blankets have holes in them though, lol. We still love them and cannot get mad at them for any of this. :eek:
Bella has just chewed through my mobile phone dongle thingybob lol as I've read through this thread just as i was going to say she hasnt destroyed or chewed anything yet touch wood.... lol almost spoke too soon !!!! x
I got Leo at 9 months so we skipped teething with him, he has only pulled a piece of carpet that was stuck to the front door off. We have been pretty lucky.
OMG.....touch wood, nothing YET!!! A few puppy training mats have been left like a snowstorm in the kitchen. SO far he hasn't really shown any digging instincts yet...just humping ones...snip is booked for the 11.11!
Let's see: When they were puppies they destroyed underwear, blankets, every toy they ever found, shoes, etc etc etc.

Also, even to this day 4 years later, Bella cannot stand for a squeeky toy with the squeeker intact - she will do whatever necessary to get that squeeker out. Once it is out, she is done!

Diggy is my little angel... he only chews on mommy approved items.