What color is Vander?


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We have a litter of 3, our first born was the runt weighing in at 3.34oz. At 3 weeks he's just over 12oz. The other 2 a boy and a girl were 6 and a half ounces and are now over 1 1/2lbs. The issue is I can't figure out what color our little guy is. Mom is a shaded red dapple with and dad is just a light coppery red. The other 2 are red dapples and look like their mom and her siblings did when they were little. Mom carries black and tan and red. Dad carries black and tan and red as well. The little guy looks chocolate pointed but since neither parent carries chocolate (as far as we know) he has a black "mask" by his eyes and his nose is not quite black but not liver... I am at a loss. :confused:


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Looks like a shaded red to me. Keep an eye on him and see if the shading starts to "fade" away as he gets older. This sometimes happens with reds :) Cute bunch!
Thanks for the replies and I think they are just darling... I am biased though... I was thinking shaded red too but then he's obviously pointed and I couldn't find any information on pointed reds?
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There is no such thing as a pointed red. The pup may carry for points and it is showing when he is little, but those points will blend into the rest of his coat as he gets older. Quite a few red pups are born with what looks like points, but they aren't points, it's just the shading of the red evening itself out after birth.
So what you are saying is that if the points go away then he's just a shaded red, makes sense. So if they don't go away what other option is there for his coloring? They just seem to be getting more distinct so far.
Yup, I've just seen some shaded red pups that look almost exactly like him. :) The fun thing with reds is that they come in sooo many shades they tend to confuse us. They can be the darkest red, almost black to sable to chocolate shaded (liver nose) and then the 'ee' reds as well.
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lol I know, he's so off colored that I couldn't figure it out and since I knew red's didn't come pointed I was at a loss but knowing now that it will probably fade in over time it makes more sense. Thanks a ton!!!