Welcome Milo!

Milo came to us as a surprise when he couldn't stay in his original home. He is 9 months old and described to us as a "tweenie" though I don't know if that's an official designation. He is black with tan markings that I have seen in photos. In fact, the first day we had him I met a little girl on the street who had just gotten her stuffed toy dog, and her "pup" (wrapped in a blanket) had the same cute eyebrow spots.
If anyone knows where Milo fits in the overall doxie family line please let me know. Unlike everyone else on this forum I do not know much about dogs and I will be back with lots of questions. But I promise you this: I will do my absolute best by this sweet innocent being. He is a full-time project right now and it's a bit overwhelming at times.
I did upload a photo but don't know how to make it appear with the post.
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He would be called a Black and Tan, or a Black and Cream (depending on the colour of the tan markings) Tweenies are the in between size, either a large mini, or a small standard, though def. not an official designation :) To post a pic, just attach it to your reply using the little yellow "mountain pic" icon at the top beside the link icon.


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Hello Milo! My dog is Alf and he is 2 years old. We live in Sweden. This is my first dog and I didnt grow up with dogs so Im new to at this. But I read and ask questions, I learn so much. Im a member of a swedish forum (all dog breeds) and I find it moste helpfull! God luck to you!