Weight & Food Portions (Pictures Included)


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We have a one year old Dachshund named Dooley. This is our first dachshund and I have a question about his weight and food portion. As I stated he is a year old and currently gets 2 feedings of a little over 1/2 cup each (total of 1 cup a day). We also use his kibbles for training and he usually gets several carrots and other treats each day. We had him weighed the other day and he is currently weighing in at 11 lbs. 2 oz. Is that an ok size for him? We wasn't classified as a mini but he might be a tweenie. Can anyone look at the attached pictures and let me know your thoughts? I know one of them is upside down but I couldn't get it to turn. Thanks for any input. :)



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He looks good to me! The amount you feed your dog is based on the calorie per serving in their food, activity level each day and their ideal weight. He looks very healthy to me! :D I use the Dog Food Advisor food calculator to judge how much he needs with different foods.