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Hi everyone,

We have had Coco for about 5 weeks now. She is just over 5 months. We are having trouble getting her to walk on the lead. We have tried treats and literally dragging her! As soon as you put the lead on her she looks terrified! Wondering if maybe a harness would be better. Any tips welcome as would love to get her out and about as know once she gets used to it she would love it.

She is absolutely ADORABLE! Yes, I would use a harness, one that doesn't rub them under the arm pits. In this situation, Clicker Training would be the absolute BEST way to go. It gives her a choice that dragging her outside doesn't give her. First, get her used to wearing the harness and leash around the house, let her drag them around for a few hours a day, in that time you need to teach her what the clicker means, and using it, teach her to sit or something so it comes cemented in her brain.

Here is Kikopup, she's got a ton of brilliant video's on you tube
What is Clicker Training
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wv1uvvqaSw"]‪What is clicker training?- dog training‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

Here's Kikopup, using clickertraining to help a dog like a harness
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7edMjwEY1c"]‪How to train your dog to love his harness- dog training clicker training‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

I have to go, I'll get into how to use clickertraining to get Coco walking outside
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Start teaching her to go for walks, INSIDE, in her comfort zone. After she's worn the leash and harness for a few days, pick up the leash, click (for the ease of typing, when I say "Click" I mean click then reward) then drop the leash. repeat as many times as it takes for her to feel comfortable, you may want multiple sessions.

Then you're going to move on to picking up the leash and taking a step, click her for any movement in the same direction as you. once she's confidently catching up to you, take 2 steps, then 3 then 4, slowly progressing (as long as she's still comfortable), still clicking as she catches up to you, OR if she's progressing quickly, clicking when she's beside you as you count out whatever step your doing.

Once you can walk her confidently throughout the house, move it to the back yard, go back to square one, (Clicking for one step) and progressing to a circut of the yard.

once she's happily walking beside you in the backyard, move to the front yard, and again, back to square one. You will likely have to pick her up to get her outside but you shouldn't have to keep doing this long. Once she's happily moving beside you in the front, begin on the sidewalk, and again, back to square one, at first just work in front of your house, but you shouldn't need to do that for long... you will be able to take her away from the house as soon as she's comfortable.

If she ever resists, go back a step, lower the criteria, you are moving too fast. Never correct her when out on a walk, and let her choose her comfort zone.

This may sound like alot of work and very time consuming, but you should only be doing 5 minute sessions at a time, a couple of times a day, and each step gets easier. She should progress very quickly if you keep it positive. Try to avoid her getting scared by a person or another dog, at first, until she is finding the walks rewarding in their own right.

And if she wants to stop and read the "pee-mail" let her. Make walks as enjoyable and as fun FOR HER as you can... right now, it's ALL about her!

Hope this helps!

"Reaching the Animal Mind" by Karen Pryor is an EXCELLENT read, about Clicker Training and Operant Conditioning. You will not regret reading it!