Waking up?


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Just wondering how your doxie wakes you up?

Bug this morning had to really go potty an guess didn't wanna wake me. So she just stares at me, got that feeling someone was watching me, so I wake up to find a cold wet nose in my face. When she noticed I was awake she then jumps on me with her tail going a million miles an hr. Definitely the best way to wake up ever!!!!


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me he sleeps in his pet taxi, he goes to sleep in it himself he loves it cause the cat doesn't bug him. so all i hear is the pet taxi shaking cause his tail is wagging. when i let him out he does his morning stretches and runs as fast as he can to ram into the cat then to the door.


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Lily does the same every time at the same time! 7:00 in the morning :mad:too early for me I must say!!!! She first starts rolling around that's how I know she's gotta go pee, the second warning is her licking my face so I'm like okay I'm up!! Lol
PD wakes us up by whining, and if that doesn't get our attention, he'll lick our faces. If we roll over with our backs to him, he start pawing on our backs.

He's not anxious to go outside. He's hungry! He always wants to get up 30 minutes before our alarm.

If we wake up enough to fuss at him sternly, he'll crawl back under the covers and give us another 15 minutes to sleep.

If we give in to him, we get up and feed him and Frank, then we all go back to bed for a few more minutes sleep before the alarm goes off.

Once the alarm goes off, the humans get up, and PD hides under the covers hoping we don't notice.

Mrs A

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Hugo must be super lazy... it's normally ME that wakes him in a morning. Anywhere between 7 & 8am I will wake and sometimes it takes him 10mins to drag himself out of his bed, downstairs and outside. He likes to gnaw the cats leg on his way out most mornings. 7mths old and he can go up to 12hrs at night!! Definitely a Lazy boy!!


Frankie gets up and watches me as I hit the snooze. As long as I don't make eye contact he lets me sleep. But if eye contact is made its game over and I get licked all over my face until I get up. He's lucky its so adorable.


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When Reg hears the alarm go off, he'll slowly crawl up from under the covers til he reaches my chin. He'll yawn and stretch, then I'll kiss him and ask him if he had good sleep. He'll put his little head by mine and we lay there like that for a minute or so. He stays in bed until after I wash my hair, etc., and when he hears me click on the TV he comes running and gets in my lap on the sofa and I wrap the afghan around him and we have 'snuggle time' while I drink my coffee. Then he'll go get BACK in bed while I put my make up on and fix my hair until I force him out when I make the bed up lol. I love our mornings :D


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Mine wake me up barking at the neighbors dog! But that's ok. I get up and make some coffee as my red doxie jumps into bed with my partner and wakes her up with kisses! Then it's run outside through the dogie doors to go pee pee and back in for some fun with toys! It's a great life for my dachshunds.


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By climbing to the top of my pillows (and I use A LOT of pillows, it's virtually a mountain.) and launching herself onto my chest:rolleyes: Good thing she's only 8lbs!


OMG - those are the cutest visuals ever!!! I feel like we should all have a page in a collaborative book called, 'Just Wondering How Your Doxie Wakes You Up'!!! Pictures would be mandatory!!:D

Since Bree is newly adopted, we're still working out our patterns. So far, he has managed to sleep in our bed - something we have never done with any of our dogs. If he's not burrowed under the comforter when I wake, he will give me his little doxie kisses. But when sleeping, he curls up like a little doughnut with the most contented smile ever!

Itoy and Suerti

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Since getting Suerti 1 month or so ago... i do not think I have slept in yet... he jumps and bounces until i open my eyes... then covers me and my OH in kisses and licks - when we turn our heads away or put a pillow over our heads to try and get more - he will scratch the pillow or nudge his way abck to our faces until we get up and take him to the toilet - whereas Itoy my Lhasa Apso just lays there... LOL