??? Vet recommended me to stop cooking for my pupp!??!!!


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So i usually cook for my dogs 3-4 days a weekjust got the idea from one of the discussions here i cook beef rice and veggies but today my vet said i should gett her off of the " people food" and give her a " better" diet meaning dog food im confused!!!i thought freshly made healhy food was a good thing!!!!
If your dog have no health issues and is doing well on your home cooked there is no reason to switch. You may want to look into teeth cleaning (brushing or good chews)since moist food tends to get stuck in the mouth and speed up plaque production (kibble is usually just swallowed right down with little residue in the mouth). You should also consult some websites recommending additions to the food for nutritional content (if you have not already). With all the recalls the past few years and the deceitfulness of food companies I feel you are better off home cooking if you can handle it.
I personally use Acana which is made by Champion Pet foods here in Canada, they have a local facility with all regional ingredients, to this point they have not been involved with any contamination recalls.
Also vets usually have little knowledge on animal nutrition and are sometimes only given a nutrition crash course by a food company, the crappy food they sell at clinics speaks for itself.
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Oh i see! Well i do try to mix in the dry food in like ill have the cooked food in the mornin and the dry food at night and so forth!
Home cooked is great, but they need a variety to get the appropriate nutrition. Just Beef, rice and veggies isn't good enough. Mix it up, use different proteins (which I prefer to feed raw anyway) different grains, and veggies. There's actually a fantastic book out for people that want to home cook, called "The Natural Dog" It has a ton of different recipes.

My dogs mostly eat commercial foods, but I feed a major variety. Dry, canned, dehydrated raw, plus a little home cooking, a little raw, and extras like sardines, and such.
Maybe the vet is afraid that your dog wouldnt get enough nutrition? Some people just give human food, not adjusted to the dogs nutrition needs. I dont dare to give my dog home made food just because I wouldnt be sure that he did get all he needed, I dont know enough to do my own dog food. If you know what you are doing there is no need to stop. But be sure your dog doesnt suffer from any malnutrition.