Urgent help Needed for Formerly House Trained Mini Dachshound


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I am urgently seeking opinions/advice for our 3yr old mini dachshund. Let me start by saying she is the love of our life, and until recently, the best dog we've ever owned. After the initial couple month toilet training issues that mini dachshund puppies are known for, we had a very well behaved dog who never had any toilet issues in the house for a blissful three years. We recently had to move into another house, which has new carpet(the old house was wood and tile floors). Our dog was, as I expected, out of sorts for about a week and had a couple of accidents, which I can accept. After the initial couple of accidents, she seemed to be doing well for a while. She is never left alone for long, and let out for the toilet breaks quite often. She recently started peeing/pooing on the carpet quite a bit, and it is almost becoming a daily issue. The most puzzling and frustrating part is that she doesn't do it when she's left home alone. She does it WHEN EVERYONE IS HOME. We try to keep a close eye on her, and she has several beds around the house so she can keep us company in whichever room we are in. At some point, she will sneak off when we aren't paying attention, go into another room, sometimes more than one room, and pee/poo, then come back to her bed like nothing has happened. We have tried praising her and rewarding her when she's good, punishing her when she's bad, but nothing seems to help and it is becoming more frequent..... daily in fact. It would break my heart to have to get rid of her, but the landlord will not put up with this for much longer and we will be tossed out. Please help! Any advice or comments are very much appreciated. We never had any issues at the old house.


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She sneaks off in another room to do her business. Have you tried keeping her leashed to yourself?


It could be that a former owner or tenant had a dog that soiled the carpets in your home. While the carpets may look and smell clean to you, your dachshund is able to smell odors that humans cannot detect. If so, this may be telling your dog that this is a perfectly acceptable potty place. Maybe you should rent or buy a carpet cleaner and use a carpet cleaning solution specially formulated for removing pet odors, even ones so faint you don't smell them or even know about. There are also commercial companies that can be hired to come in with rug cleaning machines and experience with removing pet odors. I believe they can also put down a solution after the carpets have been cleaned that can make the carpet smell less attractive to a dog for potty purposes. After the rugs have been cleaned, you will need to take her out frequently for potty breaks, and when indoors, keep her with you at all times for several weeks so she doesn't repeat the soiling behavior from habit.


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Hello and thanks for the replies so far. I hadn't thought about using a leash inside, but I do now keep the door to all the rooms shut, including when we are in a room with the culprit. I'm just perplexed why, all of a sudden, after three years, I have to start doing this when we never had problems.

As for the Carpet. It was brand new and installed just before we moved in. The former tenant, had two small children, but no dog(she now lives next to us).


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It could be a medical issue as well, the stress of moving may have flared up a uti or something similar. I would have her in for a general exam with urinalysis to start.

If she continues to do it, she should be contained until you can get it under control again. Either use a crate or ex pen when you can watch her/have her tethered to you and use a leash to keep her with you when you can.

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