Update on Spekkle


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So an update on Spekkle!!!

She will not go outside to go potty if it is either cold or wet out!! So we have been buying the wonderful and expensive puppy pads... And well we have not had any accidents on my floor in a while (except when we don't change the pad fast enough for her liking)... She has been crated when I am at work or going to be gone for a longer amount of time and last night she stayed out, and did great... No accidents, no knocking everything off the tables... She did get into her treat bag and help herself to a couple treats and a few new rawhide bones!! So with as much progress as she has made I am hoping she will be getting to have the run of the house soon!! What I have noticed is that she has stayed soo tiny.... Spekkle is now almost 7 months, and weighs just under 5 lbs!!! She is not under weight and the vet said when we were last in that she probably wouldn't make it to 6 pounds considering how small she is... But I have never seen a dachshund this small!!! Well any way life with her is amazing and she was the perfect addition to our family!!!
I am sooooo GLAD things turned around for you (and Spekkle! LOL) I still dont leave mine loose in the house. Mouse does ok but Boo has little regard for where he goes to thenbathroom when I'm not home. I adopted him when he was 7, and although he knows to go outside when I'm home... not home is a different story.
Spekkle is quite funny... She will go outside if it is dry, and sunny.... However we live in Seattle!! So especially during the winter months this is not often... But this is also not from my lack of trying... She will get to the door, but the second I open it runs if she feels the cold or wet.... And so I usually pick her up... But once outside she will sprawl on the ground with her front feet forward and her back feet pushed straight out behind her, she then just puts her head on the ground between her front paws!! And she will stay this way til I pick her up, go back inside, and dry her off, or wrap her in a blanket for a few... Then she will go find her puppy pad!!! Silly dog she is!! But we love her!! We have been working on some simple commands, and she has accomplished sit.... But she will only do it when she wants to.... Stubborn little thing she is.... And we r working on stay... She however has no fear of people or other dogs, and when we go for walks( when it is sunny and dry, otherwise she is a house dog) she thinks everyone and every other dog is here to play with her!!!
Ah that's wonderful. Just a little info about our Reggy. When we leave Reg home alone :) , He will get into the waste basket in the bathroom and tear the tissues up. He also will help himself to 'extra snacks' if he can lol. We video taped him one day. He went from tearing tissues up to going to his bed and howling, then back to tissue shreding then howling. He does not like to be left alone. But he doesn't distroy anything else. Maybe your dachshund is just adjusting to being by herself? Reggy's approx 9 yrs old lol and he still doesn't like it.