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Bella & Jack's Mummy
Admin ( Dennis ) has kindly asked me if i would moderate the UK area of the forum and I have said yes :) so I wanted to intrdouce myself :D

Im Susan , mummy to Bella and live in North Lincolnshire in the UK, I have a 13 year old son and a 5 year old daughter ( going on 15 !!! ) and live with my lovely hubby, I am a childminder and work from home.

Although I dont know everything there is to know about Doxies and am a realtively new owner, I will do my best to do a good job.

If anyone has any concerns or questions or wants to contact me I will be happy to help if you would like to private message me in confidence or in a thread.

Thank you for asking me Dennis I hope I can do you and your wonderful forum justice in any assitance you may need x
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Well done you Susan, you will do a fantastic job as does Dennis & the USA mods :).

I used to be a childminder (for emergency use only), which was mainly for friends and people who had gone back to work from our antenatal group,,,couldn't beleive how many complete strangers phoned becuase they had been let down that morning & wanted to drop their little Johnny off. Hardly fair to their child or me.

So I now work part-time in a primary school as a HTLA and love it :)

I have one 15yr old son who is taking his GSCEs and is sports mad.

Always had dogs but Bernie is my first daxi.

Loving the forum :D