Uh Oh...Mini Dachshund is rebelling


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Hi everyone!

I am in need of some major help! My miniature dachshund, Oliver, is 9 1/2 weeks old and will not sleep anywhere but on my chest or curled up between my boyfriend and I.

Here is a little background on his sleeping and playtime situation which is probably a little different than other doxie's situations. Oliver has two crates, one small crate which I have been trying to have him sleep in because its more den-like and confined than the other crate. The other crate I have is the biggest crate you could buy because I used it with my GSD (thus needing the biggest crate because of how large he got and how quick he grew). During the day when I am at work, I leave him in the bigger crate with his blanket and toys (both have his siblings and parents scent on it) and a water bowl.

He absolutely HATES sleeping in his smaller crate but doesn't mind the bigger crate (definitely still whines). I put the blanket and toys in the smaller crate with him to make it feel more like home- no luck. I could divide the large crate with the divider that it came with and drape it with a dark sheet to make it seem more like a den. And then just completely give up on the smaller crate?

I'm pretty good at tough-loving it and letting them whine it out through the night because of the practice I had with my GSD. However, my neighbors were less than pleased with my GSD and his barking/whining therefore I am extremely nervous when it comes to this situation with Oliver. My neighbors do NOT seem like dog people (or seem very nice for that matter) so any chance they got to complain about my GSD, it was like they went SPRINTING to my landlord to fill her in. So I am trying my hardest to keep the whining to a minimum but I totally understand that as a pup he is going to whine because of his completely new environment.

Also another bit of information- he will whine his lungs out all night but the second that I pick him up to lay with me, he curls up on my chest/neck and falls asleep. I tried to have him fall asleep on me last night to settle him down and then I would sneakily put him in his crate but the second I moved his head popped up and he was awake again! I swear he is so alert ;)

I am going to try the ticking clock trick, the warm water bottle and maybe even a t shirt of mine to help ease him to sleep. But since he has two crates and might be a little confused, I figured I should explain my situation and see what you dachshund owners think about his sleeping arrangements.

So sorry for the extremely long post- I'm just desperate at this point.


Hi and welcome from the UK!

Sounds like your baby is definitely missing the warmth of his litter mates and is feeling a little abandoned. I have all new babies sleeping in an open top crate next to my bed to start with, that way if they wont settle I can put my hand down to them to settle them back to sleep. It really helps with the settling in period whilst also getting them used to the crate. I use an open top plastic storage box to begin with a soft cushion and cosy blanket. You just have to make sure the sides are high enough that they cant jump out!

When they are next to me at night if they cry it wakes me and I get up and take them out for a wee then straight back to bed. This also really helps with the toilet training. I have a new 10 week old at the moment, I have had her 5 days, the first night I was up 5 times! last night she slept straight through from 11.30p.m to 6.45 a.m and was clean all night, not bad in 5 days!

My dogs are not allowed on my bed but I do like having them close to me. If I leave my pup during the day she is also in her larger crate downstairs, she does cry a little when first put in but soon settles. Hope this is helpful, good luck with your new little one, fun times ahead!!
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I have never had a puppy so I'm no help. I just wanted to say Hello and Welcome! Love to see some pics as soon as you can get around to it. Congrats on the new addition.