Two Dachshunds so Different!


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I'm new to the forum so first of all, hi to everyone!!

I have recently just acquired my second miniature smooth haired dachshund, she is an 18 month old female. I also have an 8 month old male.

I have noticed she is very different to my boy in the sense his coat is a LOT silkier soft, like velvet. His ears are thicker and sit forward, and his tail is very slim.

Her coat is a lot more course, her ears are paper thin and sit back. Her tail is chunkier.

She is quite overweight and I fully intend on putting her on a diet with regular walking to help with this. I'm just wondering if the difference between my two babies is a matter of how well bred they are, if it's age difference related, or down to diet and condition?

Please no negative comments, I'm only looking for advise and want her to be as healthy as possible, like my boy.



Could you share some photos? My first dachshund was a smooth girl, but she was a throwback to the original smooth breed because both parents and all of her litter mates were wire hairs. Her coat was a tad coarse to the touch, but unless you gave her a pat, you couldn't tell the difference by sight from a smooth dachshund.