Tree climbing mini

We rescued Frank just a few weeks. He was starved and abandoned, and we still don't have enough weight on him. He was so quiet in the shelter, but each day he grows bolder. They estimated that he is two, but he chews and plays like he is closer to 1.

This evening, our tweenie, PD started barking, and we assumed he was barking at the squirrels in the large Live Oak trees in our back yard. I looked up to see Frank walking across the roof of our shed in the back yard, some 12 feet off the ground.

I grabbed a ladder and pulled him down. While wrapping the suspect tree with metal flashing, he climbed another tree, and was standing on a limb that was hanging over the roof. :eek: I watched him jump on the roof, and was able to get him to walk over to me for his second rescue.

We've got flashing around all of our trees, and hope he is safe now. Still, I'm wondering if anyone has any "prettier" solutions. I thought about fencing, but Frank has already learned how to use his hind legs to climb over the baby gate like a ladder. If I use a fence, I'll need to find something with vertical slats only, and about three feet high.

This is especially scary for us, since we just lost Henry, after his second back injury at age 7.
Here is Frank:

NOW its funny. At the time my heart was in my throat. If we had not been so panicked, maybe we would have taken a photo.

My wife said that now she knows why he was found loose on the streets ... and why no one went looking for him! :rolleyes:
OMG that must'a been a sight! I cannot imagine mine doing that! Though, Mouse is pretty determined to get food... but I just cant see her doing that!
He sees all trees as a challenge now. We've had to collar all of our trees, even those that don't lean.

I should point out we live on the Gulf Coast, and the Live Oaks have been shaped by the constant sea breeze. Most of them have a bit of a bend to them. Certainly not enough to make it an easy climb, but enough that a determined dog can climb them.

Frank can't seem to tell the difference. He jumps, gets up a couple of feet and then falls back down. Not a healthy activity for a dachshund.
Frank looks so cute, I an imagine it was a complete nightmare to see him on the roof of the shed :eek: ,it is amazing what they can get upto, he was probably a cat or a mountain goat in a previous life :D
Yeah, when he's "contained" he doesn't just sit still and accept it, he tries to figure out how to get around, over, or through.

He calmly chews on his leash or collar if he thinks it is too restrictive.

The first night we had him, we locked him in the kitchen, using a baby gate to keep him in. He climbed over the baby gate, using his hind legs to motor up the cross-bars. We've replaced that with a doggy gate that has no cross bars.

If we leave food or a tasty napkin on the kitchen table, he'll jump onto the bench, then the table to eat or steal what he finds interesting. Yesterday I left a plactic container of parmeson cheese and one of red pepper that came from Pizza Hut. Later in the evening, I noticed bits of plastic on the iiving room floor. He ate all of the cheese, and tried to destroy the evidence by mangling the plastic cup to the point I had difficulty recognizing it.

I never did find any evidence of the cheese anywhere. He was smart enough to leave the red pepper on the table.
ours did get on the table once... i was finishing up some work on my truck, and wife had left my steak on the table. she joined me out side. once i came in, no steak was on the table...we think she got on the chair then up on the table.