Training 2 at same time


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I have 2 mini long haired dachshunds. Both are age 3. Both are trained in a number of ways.. but we have big issues with folks coming to visit and walking on leash. I know they need to walk.. especially my male who has sooo much energy! He actually does well on leash.. not perfect, but not horrible. The female is awful.. she hates the leash most times. She can get free of anything! Harness.. choke collar.. her collar.. she is a Houdini and the last time I tried to walk her she popped free and took off after a neighbor. She is the most laid back dog until that leash goes on!

I know there is work to be done.. but I am trying to figure out HOW to do it with 2. They are fairly inseparable.. very bonded. But still.. should I work with them one on one even though the one left behind will be freaking out?

Advice please!!!!

Thanks! Barb C.
I think you've answered your question.

I hate to leave PD alone to walk Frank, and so I've only done it once. But I need to do it more to get Frank under control.

You'll be happy to know that PD still loved me when I returned with Frank.

... Frank, he's not so crazy about ...

but we're getting there.