thrown out by the trash


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a coworker was returning home last night and noticed something moving in a box by a friend's trash bin out by the curb. She stopped and seen a little puppy inside, she picked up the puppy and went up to the door. Indeed, the woman had put 6 pups outside two nights prior. There was nothing wrong with the pups or mom...she just didnt want them :eek: . Momma is a Pit bull, Daddy was a great pyranese mixed with blue botch pit? The puppies were born on November 8, 2010. Coworker brought the puppy to work today wondering what she was gonna do with it(the puppy was a girl). I happened to ask some nurses aides if they know of anyone looking for a pup...within one hour of being at work, the little girl pup got a great home. It worked out wonderfully, but I still cant fathome someone doing that. The mother dog was inside whining wanting to feed her babies who were outside in the 17 degree weather for two nights!!! At a little over 3 weeks, they barely have eyes open and can barely walk, not to mention cant regulate their body heat.
That makes me soooo ANGRY!!!... What the hell is wrong with people are they really that cruel? Or just bloody Morons... At least one pup found a good home... She should report that to the local Animal rights Authority...
The other pups were taken by other people, at least that is what my co-worker found out. And she is going to report the lady to the ASPCA on monday. Co-worker just wasnt sure how long the last little pup was outside by herself without her litter mates to help keep her warm, because there wasnt even a blankie in the box. I cried when she told me and let me hold the precious little pup. The pup snuggled right into my down jacket I had on. I wish I had photos of her, she was just gorgeous. But, at least we found her a wonderful home with lots of people and money to spoil her. We are moving back to kansas, otherwise I would have taken her with me. I am sure our boys would have loved her. Our oldest had a best mate of a weimerhiner...not sure on spelling. kind of funny to watch really.