Thoughts on Formal Training?


What are your thoughts on a formal training class for Bree? I hate to spend the $, especially at this time of year. But I'm not the best person for consistency and a well-behaved pup is always a joy.

Petco has six weeks of classes (one class/wk) for about a hundred dollars. The other option is some private sessions, but I'm guessing it would be even more expensive.:confused:
Arelus and I have graduated Lvl 1 Obedience. I would like to go back for Lvl 2, but right now my shifts at work are too stupid to take a class. I wanted him to go through classes because we were preparing for Earthdog and I wanted that recall down to an almost science. (we're still working on that) The only other issue he had was doing the 'down', but according to my trainer and the trainers I work with @work it can be hard for doxies to do it...something about big chests and short legs...

Private classes are always more expensive because the trainer usually comes to your home.
Hey Doxmom,

We actually had our doberman Zeus in some of the Petsmart classes when he was a pup. Now we have our little Aly in classes. Every Monday night, we just had our second class last night.
She is doing really well and we really like our trainer. A lot of it is stuff we do on a day to day basis, but it is nice to have that time to work with her.
About a month ago they were offering $20 off of a class, and that is when we enrolled. I really enjoy it though, she is doing so good in class. It makes me super proud of her to see how she is doing and her accomplishments compared to the other dogs in the class. Plus it gets her around other dogs other than our doberman, and they are all dogs who are up to date on shots because that is one of the requirements. That is good to know as well.

I would recommend it! How old is Bree again? Another option is to look at their "Puppy Pack" things that they sell near the registers. They have a coupon in them for microchip, food, flea treatments, puppy class, bath etc.

Good luck!
Some dogs do really well in training classes and others (like Nola) do not. At all:p.
I take training as a challenge and constantly try to improve myself. I also like doing it myself so I can mix and match what training styles work best for me and my dog. I tried/am training Nola by myself and she'll be taking her Canine Good Citizen test on Saturday, and from there we'll move onto Agility and possibly Rally-O
Thanks for all these wonderful responses. Yes, I'm going to get the details on the Petsmart classes. Glad you liked them so much, Aly's Mom. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good luck, Nola's Mom on the Canine Good Citizen..That's terrific!!
We did the PetSmart training for PD and Henry when they were pups.

The trainer actually trained us, and we trained the dogs. So, if your worried about your consistency, be prepared. Because it is still going to be all about you.

The main thing the classes did, that you don't get in a book, is that you are held accountable. Each week you have to show up and show off in front of the class. You are taught new skills to teach your dog each week, but you do all the real work at home.