Need Help This is Napoleon Here!


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Hello!! My boy Napoleon will be 12 in April. We are new to this forum and hope we will be able to share his experience with IVDD and pancreatitis.


Hello Booda 2008, My last little girl had pancreatitis, and after numerous and costly visits to the vet for medication, we changed her diet to this horrible Hill's Prescription Diet that the vet insisted on. Her allergies that had been controlled for years returned. She was miserable, huge hive like bumps and secondary yeast infections. She lost about three quarters of her fur. So then she had two major health problems the pancreatitis and the allergy attack. I stopped the Hills immediately and I began cooking for her, boneless skinless chicken, rice and cooked green beans run through the food processor, all mixed up together. I would cook a lot at a time and freeze it in ice cube trays. She got two ice cube size in the morning and two at night. That way I could be certain that she wasn't getting grease or fat. The pancreatitis went away and the allergies cleared up. I put her back on a wheat free kibble. She wasn't bothered with pancreatitis again, and the allergies only came back in the pollen seasons. I will say though, that Hill's Prescription Diet really made her illness and discomfort much worse and I would never feed it to any dog again.

I have fostered downed dachshunds when I use to volunteer for a rescue, so I know about crate rest and car transporting to vet appointments.


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Hi Casey! I am glad your girl feels better. It really is scary. Dachshunds are so expressive and when they don’t feel well it’s the worst. My boy is a little bit of a wuss though LOL He got sick the first time because I gave him a little piece of steak 2 years ago. That was the first time he ever had it. I usually never give them any table food except for an occasional pizza crust.
I have him on a raw diet. He eats Darwin’s Natural Food. It’s ground chicken and vegetables. He also gets a pro-biotic with every meal. So far so good. My husband feeds his colder raw chicken breast with carrots, apples and a supplement and that’s actually cheaper. I had to change to Darwin’s for him because the food he was on started to bother him. Nice to meet you. AA5FB8C0-1BFB-4E8B-95F7-FA432B3815B9.jpeg