The Lizard Dilemma


Little Bree is settling in quite nicely. Maybe too nicely! The patio has become his private hunting ground for the many Florida lizards (they're quite small) that find their way under the screens. My husband was horrified to see Bree attacking a struggling lizard yesterday. He reprimanded Bree and told me that the lizards keep the insects away.

For me, the lizards are a nuisance. If Bree wants to hunt them down (true to his hunting instinct) I don't have a problem with that. Word must be out in Lizardville, because I only saw a couple today, but what's your take on the Lizard Dilemma? Do we deter Bree from hunting them, or encourage him to follow his instincts?

Attached is Bree in Lizard Mode..:eek:



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I let mine catch them and sometimes eat them. It is good mental stimulation for them and they enjoy it, so I don't see why not? One lizard doesn't keep away enough bugs for me to stop my dogs from having fun.
Frank goes after the toads in our back yard. PD learned after the first time he (PD) caught one to leave them alone. He came in the house foaming at the mouth, and that was it.

But Frank doesn't seem to care. We have to wipe his mouth out to help stop the foaming. I have to lock him in the house and hope the toad goes off and hides. When we let him out again, of course he tracks down the toad, and now PD is in the hunt.

Of course they have to bark to alert me of their find, and the neighbors ...

I was able to go out and "claim" a toad a couple of times, and then they'd leave the toad alone for the rest of the night. But that only seems to work if they've got the toad cornered.

It was interesting to watch them work as a team to get past me, when the toad was behind a tree. As I faced off on one dog, the other would circle around the other side.

Amazing hunting instincts, and amazing teamwork.