the life you save....


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Today while visiting my 90 year old mother, I had the pleasure of meeting a 93 year old man, Tony Stevens, and his rescue Maltese, Tuffy. (Tuffy was named 14 year ago when he reached through a fence and bit a bull, coming away proudly with a mouthful of fur)

Tony shared that he was there to visit his wife of 73 years, Elizabeth. The pain in his eyes forced back tears as told me Elizabeth no longer recognizes him. I walked into the assisted living facility with Tony, he with Tuffy, and I with Kippers. His wife had a confused look on her face as Tony bent to give her a kiss, but showed delight when she saw Tuffy close behind. She called Tuffy by name, and Tony placed him on her lap.

As our golden years approach, and life throws us curves, we are sometimes forced to suffer through unpleasant options. All the pain Tony feels of his wife not recognizing him was offset to everyone in the room when we saw the comfort and joy Tuffy brought to Elizabeth in her final days.

Remember to treat your pet with dignity and love, and you will be blessed with this kindness returned to you in your hour of need.