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So I bought a doggy toothbrush & paste set yesterday. Watson is almost 2 and I've never brushed his teeth, but I was looking in his mouth recently and saw that they look kinda nasty.

We tried it for the first time last night, but of course he hates it. He'd rather just chew on the brush & get all the toothpaste off (it's minty!)

Does anyone have any "best practice" tips? Also, how often should we do it?

Thanks :)
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You will save a lot of money on dental cleanings and give him better over all health by brushing every day. My hubby holds the dog, I do the brushing. I have a little rubbery thing I put over my finger, left hand to hold the jaw, and brush with the right hand. When they chew on my finger a bit, the rubbery thing helps to lessen the pointiness of the teeth. lol I can pick up children's toothbrushes cheap at the dollar store and they are the right size, which will be cheaper than buying at the pet store.

When Beau holds orange ball, I have access to the front teeth and I can actually take the ball and use it to turn his head left and right as I need...

Here he's hanging on to a kong which keeps his mouth open and I can brush one side...

Hope some of these suggestions help. Good luck!