Submissive Wetting/Scared of Me


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Unfortunately I didn't read up on Dachshunds before I got Nellie and I spanked her when potty training. Now, I have a 2 year old that is scared of me. She pees sometimes when I approach her, especially if I want her to go outside. Other times she runs to the door with excitement and goes outside with no problem. Or, she will run to the door and then when I approach, run to my bedroom and jump on the bed (this seems to be her safe place). She acts like she is confused sometimes. Then, a few weeks ago, I tossed a treat to her (because she wouldn't approach me) and accidentally hit her in the face with it. She freaked out and now won't take a treat (runs to the bed). Sometimes she comes to me and jumps in my lap. Other times she will not come no matter how hard I try. Is it too late to fix the problem? I know I need to build trust again. I'm just not sure how to go about doing it. I've never had this problem with a dog before. I haven't spanked her in probably a year. Now, I just ignore her when she goes on the floor, which is usually only when it's raining or wet outside. She will NOT walk on wet grass. I use positive reinforcement, but she still seems scared of me a lot of the time. Thanks!