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Submissive urination.


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Feb 29, 2012
Marley- 8 month old dachshund
Hi I'm new to the forums, I joined to ask this question and I'll likely stick around because I've already found an abundance of information on the site. Anyways my 8 month old dachshund pees when you touch him, pick him up, etc. I've researched the problem and found that its called submissive urination and that he'll grow out of it. Well my question is, will he grow out of it and what can I do to make it better or stop. Thanks in advance! :D

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He'll grow out of it

When we got our pup at 8 weeks he did the same thing. It gradually got better and now at 10 months he hardly ever does it. We never, ever scolded him or even acted like we noticed it. We just quietly cleaned up after him. Now we can get all excited and high energy and he's just fine.
Submissive peeing is common. just be very careful not to get mad (or even feel mad they pick up on your feelings) just totally ignore it. Oliver, my terrier, does it only with my Mom, as she used to react fast, jumping up and cleaning it up immediately, and the more he did it, the more frustrated she got, it was a never ending cycle, eventually she had to completely ignore Oliver all the time, and never touch him when we came to visit. I told her why he was doing it, and I told her she has to calm down, but she didn't and to this day he'll pee at her house, when she touches him, but doesn't do it with anyone else (well the few people who can touch him, he doesn't like strangers)
I was curious about this too actually. Mines 1 1/2 yrs and he still does it. It got worse after he was neutered. Only one person got mad at him but he does it a lot. Any suggestions?
Yes, ignore him. Instead of touching him or picking him up when you first get home, just ignore him. Take the pressure off. When they still do it as an adult, there's some fear. so keep a list of the circumstances behind when he does it. Then avoid those triggers. He may seem like there's no fear (happy and wiggly) but there's something causing him to tell you that he's no threat (Submissive peeing is just that, a signal to other dogs that "I'm just a puppy, I'm no threat!!!") So when an adult dog does this, it's due to feeling threatened.

Maybe all you need to do is not look him in the eye, or not lean over him, or let him climb on you.

Oliver is a very nervous dog, and for a long time, if I grabbed him wrong he'd pee. I just ignored it. I began de-sensitizing him to being grabbed, by teaching him to jump into my arms as a trick. It worked wonders, and he hasn't peed all over me for more than a year now. I also never touch him when he's feeling uncertain, I let him choose what he wants. I dont want him scared, so if he's not sure, I let him off the hook.
I was searching the forum to see if I could find why my mini dachshund "Maya" pees when she gets excited. And found this tread. She is 8 months old and we have only had her 2 weeks so still learning things about her. She was not pee pad trained when I got her but, Man, she knew what they were and she does better then my 5 year old Chi does with them. LOL So we are happy about that.

But noticed when I leave the house for a while and I come home, she is so dang excited and jumping up on me. when I bend down to pet her, she rolls over and pee goes in the air.

I know its because she is so excited and we never get mad, just let her calm down and we clean up when she leaves the area. So now I will try and just talk to her until she calms down.

Thanks for all the information posted on this breed. I have a lot to learn as this is my first Dachshund.

PD is a submissive pee-er. Maybe we need a support group for them?

He doesn't pee for us, anymore, but he will when our kids come to visit, or any other "stranger." We try to tell folks not to bend over and pet him when they first get here. The ones who don't listen go home with wet shoes.

My fastidious sister-in-law (who really doesn't like unruly children or animals) came over to watch a movie with my wife once. PD bounded in her lap. When she picked him up, she got a wet shirt! The movie must have been something really special, because she tolerated the pee on her shirt and watched the rest of the show.