Struggling to find a great Shaded Red Longhaired mini Stud…


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Evening all,

I am staring to look for the perfect stud to compliment my lovely shaded red mini longhaired girl Dottie. She is KC reg and health tested. Dottie is dainty and very true to type. I am doing my research into best colours and I know that certain colours/patterns are a no go without testing. I’m leaning towards Black and Tan or obvs another shaded red. Has anyone had good results with other mixes with Shaded Red?


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I try to keep my reds and black/tans together. If you breed two reds, the whole litter will be red. If you inject a black/tan, you could possibly get maybe one black/tan. I have a very dainty male longhair red who is proven...he is a conformational champion in the AKC. Just sayin