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Step ladder Advice Needed


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Feb 14, 2012
Willy - longhaired miniature dachshund
Hello. I want to buy a step stool or ladder type of thing for Willy to use getting up and down the couch. He's always been a jumper and we're trying to get him out of the habit. Does anyone have any recommendations? I want something that is soft with a removable cover that can be washed. Thanks a bunch!
I'm having trouble attaching a photo (from Photobucket) though the paperclip says there is an attachment.
Anyway, I like our carpeted ramp rather than stairs. We made it out of scrap lumber and carpet. Not being washable is the least of my worries; Milo goes up and down without getting it dirty.
If we had not been able to build the ramp I found a seller on Ebay who makes carpeted dog ramps and they are reasonable and can be slipped under the sofa or bed when not in use. Ours is mounted on a fixed triangular base and kind of in the way at times.


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Thanks for your reply! I really like the ramp idea. That did occur to me but since I'm planning to use it in the living room with the couch I didn't want something too big. I ended up ordering a 3-step thing I found on Amazon. It has good reviews so I'm hoping it will work. By the way, Milo looks adorable in that picture. Typical dachshund, always a bone or treat in their mouth! :)
Just an update in case this may help anyone, I did end up getting a ramp I found on eBay. There is a guy who makes them, his name is Chris Gentry. The ramp is just wonderul and very reasonably priced. Willy is using it more and more. We just have to break him of the habit of leaping onto the couch when he's running around the house playing!
I had a good feeling about the Ebay seller who makes dog ramps and would have purchased from him if we hadn't made our own. He goes under "rampsandmore", probably a screen name for your guy.

Milo still jumps off the sofa even from the higher arms and back but also uses the ramp a lot. Since he is fearful and awkward going down stairs I think a ramp was the best choice for us. As a bonus he has learned to roll his ball or Kong down the ramp and play fetch with himself!
My wife got one from one of those catalogs that sell all sorts of gadgets. It can be configured as a ramp or steps by lifting the ramp sections and propping up an upright to make it a step. It is covered with a heavy blanket material.

Anyway Oscar likes it as a set of steps better than a ramp. Always uses the steps to go up but would much rather jump off.
Willy still jumps too. But I think he's beginning to realize that it's much easier to take the ramp up. He's your typical stubborn doxie. :)
My Oscar will use steps to get up but absolutely refuses to go down them! I don't have room for a ramp, but suspect he wouldn't go down a ramp either!