Southeastern Dachshund Rescue


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A wonderful friend of mine runs a phenomenal dachshund rescue. She is getting 10 more dachshund rescues this weekend alone! Please visit her Facebook page or on Petfinder to see if there is a match for your home! Her information is...

Chapman's Dachshund Rescue:
"We are not a kennel, we keep all of our dogs in the house and have a fenced in back yard, Dogs are kept the way they are used to from their previous home, some sleep in the bed with family members, some sleep in dog beds,some sleep on the couch, some in crates. All the dogs get along and are kept cozy with lots of blankets and dog beds. Our kids help out and our family has an overwhelming love for Dachshunds. You can find my personal page on facebook under Gina Anderson Chapman."
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