Some very extreme separation anxiety


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My little 9 month old Royce (I call him "the Royce dog") has the worst case of separation anxiety I have ever seen with any animal or even human.

When my wife and I are at work or not home he barks intensely. Sometimes going on for hours without stopping. My neighbors have told me they can hear him. I'm not sure how he doesn't lose his voice!

We have tried the sonic egg, rescue remedy drops, leaving him uncreated with the entire place open for himself, leaving old clothes for scent, leaving tv on, and leaving radio on. Yet he still barks. Neighbors have said he has breaking periods between barking now it's not as bad but it's still a lot!

When my wife and I are home, if either of us have to use the bathroom he needs to follow you in and watch you go. If you take a shower, he will peek his head under the curtain and watch you until your finished. He even jumps on top of the shower ceramic lip that you have to step over to enter the shower. When you put him down, he jumps right back up, sometimes falling into the shower with you! Your probably wondering why we just dont shut the door and don't let him in the bathroom. Why, because he scratches at the door and cries until you let him in!

Has anyone had a dog with that bad of separation anxiety? If so any suggestions?? He's wen afraid of people he doesn't know coming into the house, or trying to pet him in public, even if we are holding him!



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I also forgot, even if he's right next to you he needs access to be able to physically touch you. We put him on a 25 ft Leash in the backyard and can be right next time him, but if he's one inch from being able to touch you he still goes nuts barking. When you first come home to him he's uncontrollable. He climbs on top of our heads and has to stay on the back of our neck for comfort


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Hello I also have a Doxie that barks the entire time i am out. She's not as clinging as your little fella. She stays on the couch if I am in the kitchen, will also stay put if I go downstairs to do laundry, (unless she thinks I've been gone a little too long). She can also stay out on our deck for long periods of time being very relaxed with our 2 spaniels. BUT, if I leave the house oh my gosh she barks and barks. Even tho my daughter is home. Kricket needs to be crated when we leave as she pees and sometimes poops (hardest dog I've ever tried to house train, but I'll leave that for another discussion ;-) . I've tried everything treats, leaving for short periods of time, putting one of the spaniels in her crate ( it's a good size crate). Nothing seems to help. Makes me feel very sad when I leave knowing she is so unsettled. Pic also would appreciate any suggestions someone can give.


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When I first got my female mini Lolo at about one year old she would "scream" when I left the house. She was OK when I was in the house, but did follow me around and had to be in the same room. I kept her crated when I was at work and when I left and came home I could still hear her "screaming" from the curb, and my yard is pretty big. She never seemed in terrible distress when I came in, just very happy to see me. After another year has gone by and I have adopted a second, she has improved significantly. She will still bark when I leave and if they (both of them) hear the car or think they hear me coming, there will be a very loud chorus of barking which again I can hear from the street, but it is different now.

Have you considered a buddy? Doxies do like companion dogs I am told. I think Lolo has enjoyed her big bro who came from a rescue - I did not get another puppy. They are not BFF's but def companions, especially when I am gone for 8-9 hours a day. Good luck!!


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OMG and I was concerned mine was ok when I'm around but tried to stop me from leaving by barking and trying to bite me when he sees me leaving to go to work. Thanks for the Anxiety separation link. So far the only thing that has helped me to calm him down is walking firmly to the door, not even looking at him and closing firmly -taking care not to hurt him- the door... Then walking away without seeing him. The moment he sees me steering at him he goes nut barking, running, jumping and trying to 'convince' me to go back.

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What works in our favor is that Milo is a great fan of bones, raw or smoked. He still acts a little nuts when we get back from being away for awhile. But if I think it's going to be more than a couple of hours I will leave a bone for him. I don't know how much barking he does while we are gone, but from the condition of the bone upon our return we can tell he spent a good deal of time with it.

This might not work with other dogs at home because Milo is very protective of his bones. He even growled at me when I approached it, but just once.


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Do you have time to take him out for a good walk in the morning before you leave? Working off some nervous energy might be beneficial. It seemed to help with my Velcro dog. Also, I see that you have tried a lot if things to make him happy, how long have you tried them? If you introduce something new to try and calm him, it may not work on the first, second, or even third try. Jasper finally learned to calm down a bit for us when we had a predictable routine and stuck with it. We always did A, B, C, then left. Now mind you, the longest we have been gone was a few hours, but he still did the same thing you described. His snout would be soaked from being so stressed while we were gone. He still acts all of the other ways you described, but that is okay with us. Kind of comes with the territory. A buddy for him to have is not a bad idea at all either depending on how he handles other dogs. Good luck!