So Ut saying hi


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My name is Ann. I live in So Utah. We are N.C. natives but have been here for 17 yrs. We currently have 2 toy poodles, 1 older aussie, 7 birds and little cat.. I got a doxie for my graduation present, all my friends got cars I asked for a doxie. I really loved my dog Had him well into my marriage. I recently dog sat for a rescue doxie. The lady that has her is in her late 80's and got her at the shelter. They told her that they thought she was somewhere between 3 to 5 yrs old.Well I believe that if she isn't 1 yr old yet she maybe close. Way to many puppy ways about her.The lady is always mad at her and her family doesn't like her either.We loved her (the poodles not so much) Her daughter-in-law is a friend of mine and wants us to take her. I'm willing.
I also feed raw, sometimes kibble is need be but we have a natural pet food store here so the choices for me are very good. I am very glad to be here and hope to get to know ya'll well