Sister Mini Dachshunds


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I have two 3 year old miniature dachshunds that are very fun and loving. I did some training when they were pups but nothing major and nothing recently. They both run to the back door barking at nothing, when they go outside they will bark at a wall. Neither of them like other dogs (probably due to the fact that I didn't socialize them when they were young) but the smallest one will lower herself to the ground and do a high pitched bark if a dog comes up and sniffs her butt. I'm doing basic training with them right now and have seen minor progress. Any tips on fixing these problems? can I train both dogs at the same time or must they be separate? When I train them separate the dog inside the house barks out of jealousy. Thanks in advance
It might be best to start the way you are now, training one at a time. Yes, the other dog will be jealous, they really don't understand taking turns.

But once you feel confident that the dogs have a basic understanding of what you want from them, you might begin to work with both at the same time.

My dogs have trained me to give them a "routine" every evening, before we all settle down to watch a bit of television.

I have them sit on a small rug, and practice the "sit" command. They get a kibble when they sit. Then they practice the "stay" command. When I release them, they both get a couple of more kibbles. Then we all go into the living room and they sit on the couch, where they receive a part of a doggie cookie. They do this in tandem, and the daily practice really helps when the door bell rings, we have company, or I just want to go out of a door and leave them inside.