Show for the dog?


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When we got our dachshund we didnt have an intrest in dog shows but soon we noticed that going to shows was a great way of meeting other dach-enthisiasts and see other dogs. So with help from our breeder we tried to show Alf. I was determid to never expose him to a dog show if he didnt like it. But to my surprise our dog finds it okay to go to these stressfull and loud shows. He can lay on my lap or in the big cage (with open door) if he wants to relax or rest.

How does your dog react to these shows?


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It's been over a year since you posted! The dogs are fine. Before Beau was neutered, we would take him out of the car and put him down. He would realize that he was at a show and he'd put on his best strut. Oh brother. A sight to be seen. :rolleyes: There's all kinds of smells and interesting things. No problem. One thing I love about show dogs is the practice they get standing on a table, not moving, while a stranger runs their hands over them and checks them out. How excellent that is when visiting the vet. Their focus of 'look at me' really helps out in all kinds of situations when you want them to focus on you and not the big scarey barking dog or kids going by on bikes, or whatever.

I did witness a very tall grey hound and owner walking along and the grey hound refused to go past an 8 week old dachshund puppy. Stopped. No way. Something too funny about that. :p