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i have had my dachshund for 6 weeks now but have not been happy with his behavior. i only learned about forming good habits once i started getting frustrated. I was late to get him a crate. I let him run around the house and up stairs and now i feel it is too late to get him to develop the good habits shown by exprienced trainers such as the dog whisperer. its as if he owns the house and i'm not sure if he sees me as the advertised "pack leader" Is it too late to try to crate train him and set boundaries? Thanks!


Hi, 14 weeks is still very young, your pup is very much still a baby. Setting boundaries is important but remember he is still a baby and needs lots of attention and love.

I am sure there are plenty that would disagree with me but I am not a fan of crate training (sorry folks). The puppy does need a "safe place" and to learn that there are times when he needs to be on his own but this should be for very short periods to begin with. But you have to decide what is best for you, your family and your home.

If there are areas of the house that you think should be "out of bounds" then you need to make sure this is unavailable to him rather than keep telling him off. For example a stair gate is good if you don't want him upstairs.

Remember you are his security it is natural he will want to be with you all the time to begin with. Puppies are naturally curious, playful and mischievous with patience and time I am sure you will work it out together.

There is plenty of help and good advice on this website so hang in there and enjoy your baby!


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Oh its never too late to train a dog, and 14 weeks is still very young. Please don't get sucked into the pack leader crap... that's not necessary and it's not true anyway. Dogs thrive best when they know what's appropriate. Teach your pup what you want using praise, toys and treats. it's really not necessary to punish your pup.

I adopted a 6 year old Dachshund with no manners and severe food aggression and possessive behaviours. I used positive only training. He's now a great little doxie citizen.


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I agree with the others - 14 weeks is very very young still and still a great age to start better training. Like Sara said, it's never too late to start training! We didn't get our first dachshund until he was 4 months old. We too were worried about training "late" but really there isn't a such thing. Just reinforce positive behavior, set boundaries and if you want to crate train - start now! We like crate training for purposes of travel and over-night vet visits. Our doxie does not sleep in his crate regularly or get put in it when we leave anymore. He did when he was super little, but once we were comfortable to let him roam, we did. :)


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Thank you very much for your inputs, it is such a relief to know that I haven't scarred him for life. Im just so confused at what to expect at the different stages in their development, and most sites don't really say when to start doing what and for how long. You have all been a big help in boosting my morale and encouraging me to just keep at it. Thanks again! I hope to be able to start taking him out on walks soon :)