right hind leg


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I have a 4 month old mini female dachshund pup. We have had her about 2 weeks. She has been seen by the vet of course and we were told she is a healthy puppy. I have noticed increasingly that she is always sitting or laying down. When I look at her hind end straight on, I can clearly see that her R hind is alot more bowed than the left. It is not only bowed at the knee but it is also "thicker" looking?? For lack of a better description, the hip on the R side looks higher. When she decides to sit or lay down which has pretty much become all the time now, she always goes to this right side. There is no resistence when I apply pressure to this side, and barely any on the other side. She has an appointment with a new vet next week, but I thought that maybe I could get a little feedback before that. She is not in pain, or at least, does not appear to be, as she is eating, playing, and going to the bathroom without any sign of discomfort. My question is this, does this seem like "puppy legs"?...like the squishy, wobbly, lazy puppy stuff? I have two other dachshunds but I did not get them until they were older so this is my first little one and I am very aware of issues with the spine in this breed so I am nervous.


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It might be an inflammation? Or a hip dislocation?

I have no idea. Good you have a vet-appointment. If she doesnt seem to have any pain it might be nothing to worry about. Hope all is well..