Reputable breeder near Long Island

Lincoln's pop

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable breeder near Long Island.
I bought my first dog Lincoln from what I thought was a reputable breeder
But unfortunately I was unaware what to look for in a breeder. My pup pasted
Away on oct 11th due to an undetected cardiomyopathy. I later traced his lineage to a puppy mill in Iowa. He was a great dog and my family
And I loved him and are glad he was a part of our family but I am upset that we lost him so young and also upset that I was tricked into supporting a mill by purchasing one of there dogs. I am so nervous that I am going to pick a bad breeder that I am trying to research and get advise on a proper breeder that cares about their dogs and bettering the breed over all. Thanks for any help or advise you can give me


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I can't recommend a specific breeder, but can give general guidelines for a responsible breeder.
A responsible breeder:

Health tests their dogs and has the proof. Not just a vet check, but genetic screening. Here's a link that tells you what Doxies should be tested for: Canine Health Information Center: CHIC Information
This ties into not breeding until the dog is minimum two years of age.

Titles their dogs, either in conformation, EarthDog, Rally-O, Agility ect. They breed to better the breed, not to breed pets.

Is highly knowledgeable about the breed, and can answer any questions you may have.

Knows each of their dogs individual traits, good and bad.

Breeds only one (or two, max) breed.

Feeds high quality food.

Has a waiting list before the puppies are even born.

Does not sell puppies before 8 weeks, preferable 10-12.

This is a personal preference, but I would not buy a puppy that wasn't raised in the home.

Lets you see all their dogs, and doesn't cover anything up.

Their dogs are happy, healthy and well adjusted with good training.

Clean environment.

If at any time you cannot keep a puppy, they agree to take the dog back. This should be part of your contract.

Has a spay/neuter contract for pet quality dogs.

Breeds only a few times a year, if that. And doesn't breed their female on back to back heats.

I bred Mastiffs for 7 years:D