Puppy overbite


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We’re due to pick up a dachshund pup in 3 weeks time (currently just under 6 weeks old).

The breeder has been in contact to say that she’s spotted he has an overbite. She’s taking him to the vets this week for his 1st lot of jabs and will hopefully get more info on the overbite then.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Will it likely be an issue? I’ve read on a lot of forums and sites that over time the lower jaw will grow and it may align, some sites even say its normal at this age to have an overbite (albeit he is the only pup in the litter with this).

Or will this likely need treatment in future, and how visible will the overbite be?

Hes got lines and is KC registered etc (he have his older brother who is fine).

Any advice appreciated :)




Hi, I actually think that he is to young at this point to be able to predict what sort of problems you may encounter with his overbite. As you mentioned, the lower jaw may grow to be in sync with his upper, but it is to early to tell at five weeks old. As long as you keep an eye on his growth, and have a veterinarian who is knowledgeable in regard to dog orthodontics, you will be doing all that you can right now. You may wish to locate a "dog dentist" in advance, in case you will need one in the future, perhaps at a university that teaches veterinary students, just so you won't be running around frantic if it turns out your new baby will require oral intervention. It doesn't matter if it is noticeable, what is important is that he will be able to eat without the lower adult teeth hitting his hard palate and creating problems there, or causing pain. But, right now, it is to early to tell.