Puppy Meltdown. Just a Stage?


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I recently rescued a 10-11 week (exact age unknown) Piebald Dachshund named Otis. I love him more than anything but I work a very demanding work schedule. He has been in our home for 2 days and now I am overcome with guilt. Did I make this decision too fast, am I not ready, does he deserve better? I went to Petsmart last night to purchase supplies and literally broke down crying. I suppose I am in the new Mom phase and I feel SO guilty that he is crated during a 9 hour day (I come home twice). It seems like everyone I talk to tells me this is normal and everyone wanted to give their dog back at some point and that this stage will pass. They continue to encourage me that dogs sleep most of the day and that in just a few months, he will be able to be home during the day with just one break. My parents even said not to do anything rash that they would take him for the summer. I just feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed and that he deserves better. Is this remotely normal?


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Everyone regrets puppies now and then, well, I've heard anyway (I've never had a puppy younger than 5 months). It's tough to leave a pup alone that long, but if you're giving him a break a couple of times a day, that's fine. Do you have a friend or neighbour that might be willing to spend some time with him during the day (you will feel less guilty :) )


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i still feel like this with mine and he is almost 3. but is good that you give him a break once in a while. it may pass but it may not but that little guy will change your life and show you that he loves you everyday no matter what. :)


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Thank you for the encouragement! OT and I are a few days into a schedule and he is doing WONDERFULLY. I do not think I could have asked for a better puppy (minus this teething stage). He is crate training and sleeping well throughout the night. There have not been any more meltdowns but I know it's just an adjustment period. It is hard to go from an independent for 5+ years to have somebody else to take care of. However, it is all worth it for that sweet face to come to.

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I think everyone goes thru an adjustment period when bringing a new pup home. So hang in there.

Yes, they do sleep a lot. My husband didn't believe that the dogs would sleep all day, so he put cameras in our house (so he could watch them from work)...guess what! He found out they sleep all day! LOL

As long as your pup is getting exercise each day...and love and affection... I think you'll be okay... it just takes time to get into a routine.


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I went through the same thing, working 40 hour shifts a week, doing the same shifts as my boyfriend. i took him ocasionnaly on walks but usually i was exhausted comming home from work. at first we didn't put him in a crate, just left him loose and he'd pee, poop, shread things, ect ..do everything he could to the house. i thought he was angry we left him alone and felt bad, at some point i wanted to give him cause i thought i couldn't handle it. now im glad i kept him, i came to undrestand him and love him so much :) training took a year, some days he would be an angel and some days a little devil. also what helped is someone told me we had to set up a "alpha male" bond, sorta teach him wjo is boss in the family.
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the srick is to be patient and DON'T GIVE UP
I've been thinking about this one for awhile. I suffer hand-wringing guilt when the pup gets little attention and I make up for it with extra play and longer walks. I also feel guilty for frustration and anger, especially in reaction to destructive chewing (will it ever end??) Is this me? Ready to strangle an innocent, helpless 11-pound dog?

On the other hand I don't use a crate, maybe because of my own hidden claustrophobia (stuck in a tiny place with NO ESCAPE-yow!) Does anyone else feel that way? I would use an outside run with a warm house, a secure room, a large wire crate with room to move, doggie daycare... I have to say that Milo is fine alone on the sofa for a couple of hours at a time during the day which helps.

The crate is probably a happy routine for your puppy! But did your parents take him for the summer? If so, will Otis still be used to the crate when you get him back? Our Milo was crate trained at night, sleeping next to his mom. Then we managed to get him used to our bed. Aren't we clever! It's a long story. With the post-surgical cone and a couple of special suggles in bed, he quickly realized there was a Better Place than the crate.


Hi, Shelby. I'm brand new to the forum. I have to make a decision on Friday whether or not to adopt a sweet seven month old piebald. I hope I'm up to all the challenges, including housebreaking and the general responsibility. It doesn't sound easy at all!!


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I adopted an older dox that's extremely easy to care for and I still had a few bumps in the road.

I chalk it up to adjustment periods and stages. As easy as Lucy is to take care of, I still had to adjust to life with a dog and that she has needs that have to be taken care of in her time, not mine.

It's just like it is with parenting. Some people will tell you they have no regrets and loved every diaper change and tantrum; some will say that they felt completely overwhelmed and like they'd completely lost themselves and given up their whole life. Everyone falls somewhere inbetween these two extremes.

You don't have to feel guilty that this new addition might be challenging at times, or that you may even feel annoyed or stressed with the new demands. It doesn't mean you're a bad dog owner :) Just hang in there and do your best. Accidents happen and most can be fixed.

It sounds like you're doing great already, so just keep it up and try not to worry too much. At least you know your pup is safe from electricution, strangulation, poisons, etc and your shoes and furniture are safe from puppy teeth :D


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I sometimes work long hours but no more than 4 days a week and usually have long breaks between shifts, the rest of the time I work from home. When I got my first doxie (now 16 months old), I used to work the overnight, weekend shift and would take her to work with me, but when she was 4 months old, I had to stop and suddenly she had to be left home. She was perfect for puppy pad training already so I didn't have to worry about that, and she did cry a lot for the first few weeks I left her (according to the neighbour), but once it became a routine, she was great. She was NEVER destructive! She was really a dream dog:) Then I got my second doxie - a male...he is now almost 7 months old and STILL refuses to poo on the puppy pads and well, pees on them when he feels like it. I went through a few months of tears and wanting to give him back to the breeder when I would come home and find that he had shredded the puppy pad into dust all over the living room, and then there was no place for either of them to go, so there was a HUGE mess! And he went through the crying stage too, but not nearly as long because he had his sister to keep him occupied so he forgot I was gone quicker.

It is a LOT better now, there is rarely any shredding anymore and unless there is paper of some sort laying around that I forgot to pick up, there is usually no mess other than his poo and random pee mess (which I'm really hoping he will get out of soon because it is getting old, lol).

Hang in there, it does get better! And really they are soooo worth it! I can't imagine my life without my babies - poo and pee on the floor and all!!