Proud new first time doxie owner... but have some concerns!


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I adopted a 2-3 yr old Dachshund from my local shelter a week ago. Dexter has already become my best buddy, so naturally I want to give him the best care possible, especially since his last owners clearly did not give him any vet care whatsoever. So far I only have one major concern and that is his teeth. He has major tartar buildup on all but his front teeth, and as far as I can see it hasnt yet affected the gums (hopefully). I've heard that a complete dental cleaning and scaling can be costly.. and I'm fully prepared to do whatever is needed to keep him healthy, but I wanted to see if there is anything I can do at home to start breaking down the tartar so I can avoid a big dental procedure. He doesn't eat dry food alone, only when it is mixed with wet, so that does pose one problem.. However I am brushing his teeth 3 times a week, and tomorrow we'll be trying to offer him nylabones and greenies to chew. Dexter is going to the vet in a week so I'll be able to find out then the extent of the damage, but I thought getting some advice from fellow Doxie owners might help as I am new to the adventures of owning a Dachshund! Thanks!
I feed my dogs a raw chicken drumstick or wing, bones in once a week or so. RAW chicken bones are fantastic at cleaning teeth, and are perfectly safe. I have to be careful, though. Mouse, as tiny as she is, will gobble up a wing too fast, so she gets a Drumstick, Boo and Zoe get wings (as their teeth aren't all that great... Zoe's missing 13 now, but better and better as we go along) Oliver gets a whole leg, back included, and Scout gets Ox tails, as she cant have Chicken.

Works great! Boo had horrid teeth when he came, but now his breath is great, and his teeth are mostly clean. Dry dog food is not meant to clean teeth. I feed mostly dry, but every couple of days the dogs get a can of Merrick food mixed in... they LOVE IT!!!

Feed him high quality foods, Merrick is a really good canned food, Acana, Orijen, GO! Natural, NOW!!! Grain-free, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild, and Merrick dry foods are all really good foods and all stuff that I feed my dogs. Most are grain-free, some are higher in fat and protein than others, some have more fiber, and they all get different foods for each meal. They get some raw veggies and fruits, some raw meat, raw eggs, and Sardines as well. My dogs are all thin, but not skinny, they all have great coats, decent teeth, and a great energy level... I dont believe in feeding only one kind of food. Since I started feeding this way (4 months ago), Mouse is no longer scrawny, Boo has lost weight, and Oliver, Scout and Zoe are nice and stable... I spend approx $25 every 2 weeks for 5 dogs.
Thanks for all your advice with all my posts! I am so in love with Dexter, I want him to be the best and healthiest little Dachshund he can be :) The more informed I am, the better prepared I am to keep all those oh so worrysome issues that can come with the breed at bay. I also like to feed a rounded diet - I mean, I wouldn't want to eat the same thing everyday! So I'll start trying the raw chicken, and hopefully that can help his teeth a bit. And I'm excited to have him try some fresh fruits and veggies.... I've been around dogs my whole life and havn't known many that are fond of fruits and veggies, but I've heard dachshunds just love em! I appreciate your help :)
Mine eat asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, apples, blueberries, cucumbers, oranges, Melon, peas, beans, etc. I use them often for low-fat treats.
That is so interesting. Never heard of the chicken bone thing. I hope Isabella will like fruits and veggies