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Proud 1st Time Doxie Owner in Rhode Island!


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Oct 27, 2011
Meet Dexter..

I adopted him a week ago, but he had already adopted me a month before, the first time we met. I had to wait for him to have surgery on his leg after suffering from a shattered femur from being abused.. not that you would ever know it because Dexter has become a member of the family in no time, and he doesn't hold any grudges against humans for his past treatment. Now he gets everything he could ever want or need, he's spoiled, I'll admit it. I am so excited to have a Dachshund... it is the last breed I ever thought I would end up with, and now I can't imagine him not being in my life! Can't wait to learn more about this great breed!


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WELCOME!!! and good for you for rescuing!!!

I never thought I'd have the breed either... Infact, I didn't like them, but Mouse needed me, so I took her in , then totally fell in love with her, then the breed... now I'll never be without! LOL

Enjoy your baby!

One little tip. DO NOT LET HIM GET OVERWEIGHT! It's the worst thing ever for them! Their backs aren't up to the strain. Even a little bit overweight is hard on them.