pre dachshund mum


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hi my name is michelle i live in nottinghamshire ,England .we already have 4 doggies and are looking in to getting a couple of daxies next year .:D
HI Michelle & welcome to this friendly site, it is My first time with a Daxie and I am totally smitten.

Last night down the pub there was several breeds of dogs, but Bernie got soo much attention and he didn't take up any room on the floor either :)

He was very well we were out until 1.00am he is totally dead to the world today :)
Mouse is my first little Doxie too... but I tell you, I will certainly take in another one... If I can find another Double Dapple that is deaf or blind... or both! I'm kinda a freak and prefer deaf dogs, and would like to try a blind one too... :)