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My little Stella is 10 weeks old. I am trying to train her to pee on a pad for now. Its not working. How can I get her to go on it? I am in a situation were I cant make it to obveous that she is here, I am only suppost to have 1 dog, but I am planning on moving in January when my lease is up. And my neighbor said to just tell people its hers, she doesnt have a dog, but she can. She gets Out for walks in the Morning and Evening when the rental office is closed. She also gets out for little bits of playtime during the day when the coast is clear. I know its not recommended to hide a dog, I thought she would be good for Otis. He seems so upset when we leave my moms, between my mom and brother there are 8 dogs and he has a blast. Can anyone give me some advice on getting her to pee on the pad?
Here's what works:

Take her to her pad on her leash, with a pocket full of hot dogs (or something equally yummy) Stand perfectly still, absolutely no interaction with Stella. stand there like a tree. When she does potty, throw a party, give treats, pets, skritches, whatever is most rewarding for her, then let her free and give her 20 mins of free time.

Leash her back up, and keep her close, watch her very carefully. Take her to her pad after eating, playing, and when she wakes up from a nap, basically, you do not want her to fail, be very vigilant!

Make it extremely rewarding for her to go on her pad, and dont react at all to her going in the wrong place (for now) At 10 weeks she wont be able to hold her bladder for very long, so when you go out, put her in an x-pen with pee pads down, or have someone you trust come over a few times and take her out (make sure they throw a party for her too!)

After a few weeks of constant praise and parties for going appropriately, and keeping her leashed after 20 mins of free time, You'll have taught her where you want her to go, but you have not yet taught her where you dont want her to go. You'll want to set up a sting, set her up to fail, watch her closely (but dont let her know you're watching)

When she starts to potty you need to startle her. Make a loud noise, or shout NO! firmly, then take her to her pad and wait for the potty, then party.

After a couple of "dangerous" attempts she will have learned that potty on floor = bad, potty on pee pad = good!

Make sure you ignore any accident you dont catch her doing immediately, so she learns that parties and attention only happen close to you, and make sure you reward EVERY successful potty heavily. Dachshunds have a very strong "What's in it for me?" attitude, so you need to make it really rewarding for her to potty appropriately.

This is going to take some time and effort on your part, but if you follow this advice, you should be successful.

If you're a reader, I highly recommend "the Dog Vinci Code" by John Rogerson. It is an awesome book for anyone who owns a dog! He's easy to read, and has a ton of fantastic advice!
Potty training !

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