Potty training


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Okay so I have been working REALLY hard on Adie Mae's pottying. We've been taking her out almost every 2 hours. But she has accidents still.... Is this normal? And she has been checked for a uti.

Also... We're crate training. She has peed in her crate and pooed and she eats it! Omg! What do I do? I mean I know eat thing is to remove it but I can't when I'm at work... Will she grow out of this behavior?

Ps) she's 9 weeks old.


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She's only 9 weeks old, she should be going out every 30 to 45 minutes, not every 2 hours. She's just too young to be able to hold her bladder longer than that.
Ya, I used to take Milo out every 15 minutes until he performed. And then I could relax for half an hour (sometimes). And he was much older then too.